Whew…we did it.  It is a new month and we can finally put all the New Year-New You B.S. behind us.  Just because we peel off a new page of our spiral bound calendar, does not mean we are about to reveal a whole new version of last year’s model of ourselves.  How would a difference of one second suddenly make us new again?  It is no different than thinking on Monday we will eat better, or this new job will make us successful, or the new romance will suddenly make us feel loved.

None of this is true.  It doesn’t work.  Of course, I don’t need to tell you that. I am sure you have fallen victim to several schemes and themes promising your great rebirth into the superhero you were always meant to be–if only you would ________. Fill in the blank with the latest pitch.

The reason this approach doesn’t work is that you are searching for something outside of yourself to complete you.  This is a classic sign of Outsourcing.  Outsourcing is the 2nd Freedom-Blocking Behavior I talk about in my book, SOAR.  It is that deep inner feeling we have that we are just not good enough as we are.  It has us spinning around from place to place or person to person seeking some validation for who we are.  Outsourcers are constantly in fix-it mode. They often straddle between their social media addiction and people-pleasing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people offering ways for us to enhance our lives.  I also have no problem with them charging a commensurate amount for them.  In fact, it is imperative.  When we get things for free, we rarely benefit.  If we have some skin in the game, 67% of us will give it a good old college try.  The other 33%?  Well, they didn’t even bother to take the first step after making their purchase.  I find that fascinating.  But, there could be a valid reason. Perhaps they were too busy signing up for their next life improvement program.

What really prompted this message is something I was listening to on my morning walk.  The speaker was talking about the benefits of meditation, which I highly support.  But then he lost me trying to be clever talking about finding the perfect hack for meditation. Sorry folks, there is no shortcut or hack for meditation.  You simply need to do the time.

If you do his meditation hack, not only will you create a whole new you and get rid of all that is wrong in your life that you, of course, are not responsible for attracting…but you will also earn a million dollars in the process. Sadly, there are no shortcuts or hacks for long-term wealth, either.   For those of you interested, I would offer a link or more details, but his program apparently won’t be out for a few more weeks.  But rest assured, you will be able to create a whole new YOU.

I get so tired of all the metaphysical malpractice that is saturating the internet. Why is it that we are constantly having it shoved down our throats that we need to take our cues from Madonna and continually reinvent ourselves?  That is not the fastest route to the top. Nor is it the easiest.  Living your Highest Purpose is so much simpler than you have been told. In our complex world of addictions and distractions, the SOAR Formula for living an unlimited life, is as simple as addition and subtraction.

You don’t need to change who you are at all.  You simply need to know how to stop being who you aren’t. There is great freedom in just being you. And the cost: PRICELESS

There are only four Freedom Blocking Behaviors that keep you from having everything you want.  Once you know which behaviors are trapping you, simply apply one of the four SOAR Solutions to truly set yourself free.  Download the first 3 chapters of the book HERE or buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  It won’t cost you millions, but it may finally free you enough to make millions.