Here we are again. The time of year when we are almost forced to do a personal assessment of ourselves. There is now a clear before-and-after line that demarcates our success or failure. Ringing in the new year wakes us up to what worked and what we want to leave behind.

The #1 goal for most is to shape up physically. We want to drop the weight, get our six-pack abs, finish a competition or just fit back into our high school jeans. We can see the end result and we want it. We are committed. Sure, everyone says that this time of year, but for you…this year is different.

This year you have a big enough “WHY”. In fact, you will not let one granule of sugar cross your lips for 90 days. People will compliment you wherever you go, you no longer have to hide behind baggy sweaters and untucked shirts, or go to the beach with a t-shirt on. (Like you were fooling anyone about your sun-sensitivity.) Pizza and ice cream will no longer be your late night comfort buddies. All your bad habits will magically disappear. Life will be wonderful again.

But it won’t work this year either. I know you are not shocked by this. Deep inside, there was a little voice that didn’t believe your promise to drop weight anyway. It doesn’t matter if your “why” is big or your butt is big. Your promises won’t work. And then, this will happen:

You start justifying reasons you didn’t stick to your plan. You allow cheat or free meals…which turn into days. You find medical studies showing we shouldn’t exercise every day. You shift your environment and hang out with sympathy mongers, aka: fat people who say you look good (compared to them.) Eventually, the stress of lying to yourself forces you into late-night food orgies with your comfort buddies, who, just like a one-night stand, left you alone by morning to do your solo walk of shame to the bathroom scale.

Is this a deja vu? Yes, it happened yesterday, last month and last year. Repeat it enough and the laws of physics seem to conspire against you to never get the weight off. That law is called the quantum Zeno effect, which in a nutshell says: the more you do something, the more you are likely to do it again when the choice arises. You may not have studied physics, so you may have opted to use the term low thyroid or slow metabolism.

Now, flip back through your past calendars and count how many New Year’s, new Monday, and new month resolutions to get in shape you kept. If you were to approach this diet season just like all the rest, do you think it would work? (This is where I am tempted to write: Fat Chance! But, I will refrain.)

Bottom-line, you will have no shot at keeping the weight off. The way your brain is wired, you will be on fire for the first four days, until all external motivation falls away. If you make it past that, your willpower will severely test you on days 8-14. By day 21, you will think you formed a new habit, but you are only 33% of the way there. Get ready for the uphill climb.

Trust me, there are easier ways to keep the weight off…and I mean anything that weighs you down. Any weight issue is a sign of disharmony in your life. Your problem isn’t hunger, it’s happiness. So let’s solve that.

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Give it a try. You have so much to lose.

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